Want to stock Verde Vivo Tea in your online or brick-and-mortar store? If so, we'd love to hear from you! Our wholesale tea clients include gift store, coffee bars/cafes, and restaurants. Minimums apply when ordering for wholesale tea or accessories. Inquire about stocking our wholesale tea by filling out our Wholesale Inquiry Form.

Loose Leaf Tea

We have mindfully crafted a selection of unique handcrafted tea blends intended to entice your customers upon site, smell, and taste. When creating our unique blends, we source the highest quality ingredients, often grown organically.

Our line of teas are available in multiple packaging options to allow you to choose what work best for your customer. Each packaging option puts freshness and quality first, allowing for a twelve-month shelf life.

Wholesale Tea - Verde Vivo Tea

Display Solution

Our Verde Vivo Tea point of sale solutions includes for eye-grabbing sampling bottles for each tea blend. Each type of tea is filled in a small vintage milk bottle, appropriately labeled with the tea name and type (e.g. Black, Green, Herbal). The sampling bottles allow your customers to help themselves and explore the blends visually and experience the aroma. This system suggests a product of premium quality and differentiates itself from the competition.

Sampling bottles sold separately. 

  • Dimensions of bottles: 2 x 4 inches

Accessories for Wholesale Tea

We offer a superior solutions to make steeping loose leaf tea easy for your customers by offering (1) stainless steal reusable infusers and (2) single-use disposable infusers. 

Our disposable infusers fit 95% of single-use to-go cups available in the market. Infusers are sold in retail boxes of 50 or in larger quantities.

Disposable Tea Infuser - Verde Vivo Tea

Iced Tea

As a popular menu item that provides a welcome revenue source to an operation, our iced tea can be a widely successful offering. Though simple brewing adjustments, Verde Vivo Tea provides marketing materials for make any tea blend iced and refreshing.

Learn more about stocking our wholesale tea by filling out our Wholesale Inquiry Form.